Hair Extension Care Instructions Washing

*Never use a volumizing shampoo, it can raise the cuticle of hair and can cause tangling.

*Before washing the hair, using a large-tooth comb, gently remove all tangles prior to shampooing your hair.

*Spray mixture of conditioner and water and brush the hair from the bottom up.

*Wet with lukewarm water.

*Gradually wet the hair down and brush it gently before you completely wash the hair.

*Avoid using a circular motion or twisting motion while lathering to keep knots from forming.

*Deep conditioning/extension leave-in treatment conditioner is recommended and will help in its manageability.

*Try not to put conditioner on the bonds if you are using any strand-by-strand fusion extensions. Too much conditioner or very oily hair cen weaken the keratin bonds.

*Squeeze out excess water and gentle pat with a towel. Blow-dry with low heat.

*When blow-drying hair, blow downward with hair, not up into / against hair flow. Dry with fingers then style with curling iron or flat iron if needed. It is stressfull to the hair to do a lot of brushing while blow-drying, causing extension loss.

*Once the hair has been applied, do not shampoo for 48 hours. Since nutrients do not circulate within the extension hair, proper maintenance is a must!

*Make sure you brush your hair 2-3 times daily. Extensions detangle leave-in treatment conditioner must be used on a regular basis.

*Do not wash hair before going to bed. Hair must be completely dry and tightly braided before sleeping.

*Avoid going into swimming pools or the ocean. Even the best quality Remy hair can completely mat up the instant it hits salt water. It can also happen with sweat. If you must do so, tightly braid your hair and wear a cap.

*When going to a spa the hair should be brushed out completely and should be wrapped in a cold wet towel.

*The body wave wavy texture will loosen once washed and will dry semi straight with body. You can use a curling iron or hot rollers for a few minutes and they will once again have beautiful waves with lots of bounce.

*Although our hair can be colored or de-pigmented, we do not recommend such alterations as results may vary from clients to client. Any colouring or de-pigmenting is done at the customer’s own risk.